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Hairdryers & Towelheaters
Discover our range of Hairdryers & Towelheaters for you bathroom. Made in compliance with the actual stand of technology, these equipments will make your bathroom a place of comfort and wellbeing.
  • Hairdryers
    ODF offers its Hair Dryer, guaranteed heat everyday for an ever more innovative comfort.
  • Electrical towel dryers - Low consumption
    Complete range of bathroom fittings – electrical towel dryer by ODF, specialised supplier for hotels and accomodation facilities.
  • Electrical towel dryers - Brass
    Electrical towel heaters by ODF, for more comfort in your bathroom.
  • NF C 15-100 - Installation standards for electrical appliances

    Standards for implantation of electrical devices in a bathroom.

    Hairdryers are subject to safety standards for installation in bathrooms or showers.


    • Before use, the device must be properly installed by a qualified electrician. It will ensure accurate implementation in accordance with local installation standards.
    • Check that the electrical installation is well equipped with an all-pole power switch in case of overvoltage category 3 overvoltage.
    • Important: To guarantee additional protection, it is advisable to equip the electrical system device a differential switch with a nominal fault current of less than 30 mA. Contact your trusted electrician for any further information.
    • This hair dryer should not be within the reach of anyone bathing in the bathtub or taking a shower. Observe the current regulations for electrical installations.


    The French electrical standard NF C 15-100 - Amendment 5 defines separate volumes in the bathroom or shower and determines the position and mounting of hairdryers in a bathroom or shower (see diagram).

    These safety standards are imposed to avoid any risk of accident due to water splashes or penetrations of solid bodies that can reach the motor of the hair dryer.

    In the ODF range, we offer two types of adapted products:

    • Hairdryers - type "pistol" class II (ref 880 10 / 881 17), installed out of the bathroom or shower volume (see diagram). The "gun" containing the motor is not allowed to penetrate the volume 2 when the wire is fully extended (possibility to shorten the wire on demand).
    • Class II wall-mounted hair dryer - IP 34 (ref 850 00 / 851 00 / 851 07): It can be installed in volume 2 within a 60cm perimeter around the bathtub or shower. Its installation is less restrictive and its use safe.

    Those informations are purely indicatives. In no case the company ODF can replace a Technical Study Board. The choice and implementation of a product must be duly validated by an approved control office. The installation of these devices remains under the full responsibility of a professional electrician.

    PS : The IP34 Protection Rating means that the device is protected against splashing water at 60° from the vertical and against solid bodies of 2.5mm.


    CASE 1
    Example of room containing a bath with a shower tray
    CASE 2
    Example of a room containing a shower with a shower tray
    CASE 3
    Example of a room containing a shower without a shower tray
    CASE 4
    Example of a room containing a shower with a shower tray and a wall
    Volume 2
    Volume 1
    Volume 0


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