All ODF bathroom accessories are produced in compliance with European standards.  

ODF products are all made of brass, comply with specification CU ZN 38 Pb 1.5, or of stainless steel 304L, or of aluminium 6060 marine grade.

The ODF quality department oversees the production process, ensuring optimum and constant product quality. Each delivery is inspected and verified in accordance with the company’s quality charter. O.D.F focuses on continuous improvement of its products.

ODF has the following certifications :

• ISO 9001:2015 certifies that it is able to assure the correct management of its purchasing, sales, production and logistics processes in order to provide you with a quality service ;

• ISO 14001:2015 for compliance and monitoring of environmental regulations for the manufacture of our products ;

• OHSAS 18001:2007 certification for compliance with safety regulations.

Finishes and products are covered by the following warranties :


Anodized aluminium : 10 years
Chrome : 10 years
Epoxy coating : 5 years
Polished stainless steel  : 5 years


Bathroom accessories : 2 years
Bathroom cabinets : 2 years
Electric hand dryers : 2 years
Electric towelheaters : 2 years
Faucets : 5 years
Hairdryers : 1 years
Mirrors : 2 years
Soap dispensers : 2 years
Robinetterie : 5 years
Shower / Bath screens : 2 years
Shower trays : 2 years
Vanity units : 2 years
Washbasins : 2 years

This warranty is valid only in case when cleaning and maintenance instructions are followed.


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