40 years of experience in the hotel industry

In the era of modern hospitality, the design of bathrooms plays a crucial role in the customer experience. This is where ODF's 40 years of expertise and experience come into play in the manufacturing of bathroom accessories. As a specialist in hospitality, ODF has established itself over time as a major player in the hotel sector by providing sanitary equipment that meets the requirements of accommodation professionals. Hotels, holiday clubs, palaces, as well as specialized residences, clinics, nursing homes, and any other healthcare facility trust the quality of ODF's sanitary equipment.

French design, manufacturing, and quality

One of ODF's strengths lies in its commitment to the quality of its products, all manufactured in France at its production and logistics center based in Normandy. This industrial approach allows the company to maintain quality control throughout the manufacturing process, from design and machining to product shipment. The "Made in France" manufacturing process provides essential flexibility to meet specific customer demands, a valuable feature for the numerous customized projects in the hotel industry. Rooted in its region, ODF contributes to the economic development of its local area by participating in the reindustrialization process of rural France. 

Choosing ODF products means trusting the skills and industry of our territories!

A comprehensive range of sanitary equipment

ODF stands out with its range of bathroom accessories designed to meet the needs of hotels, specialized residences, holiday clubs, clinics, nursing homes, or any other accommodation or healthcare facility. From shower screens to backlit mirrors, vanity units, bathroom cabinets, and accessories such as towel holders, hooks, and shelves, ODF's catalog offers everything a bathroom needs. One of ODF's major advantages is its extensive stock, ensuring immediate availability of hundreds of product references. This availability is crucial for hoteliers requiring strong responsiveness to successfully carry out their projects. Moreover, all ODF products come with a manufacturer's warranty, ensuring the reliability and durability of the equipment. By choosing ODF products, professionals not only benefit from "Made in France" quality but also the certainty of having meticulously crafted equipment. Each piece reflects the expertise gained over 40 years of experience. ODF sanitary equipment is an essential choice for those seeking excellence in every aspect of their bathroom design project.

ODF's strength lies in offering solutions that combine aesthetics, functionality, and durability—a winning trio for a successful hotel project!

A key player in large hotel projects

With 40 years of experience, ODF has established itself as a trusted partner for large-scale projects in the accommodation and hotel industry. Whether for major renovations or new constructions, industry leaders trust ODF to equip the bathrooms of their projects. ODF accessories allow for the elegant finishing of the decoration down to the smallest detail! By choosing ODF, accommodation professionals opt for excellence, reliability, and a strong collaboration with a team of professionals to deliver top-notch bathrooms. 

Today, thousands of projects have been equipped by ODF, with numerous satisfied clients.

Preferred Partnership with Major Hotel Chains

ODF's reputation in the hotel industry is solidified through numerous partnerships with major hotel chains. These partnerships underscore the trust that industry leaders place in ODF as a top-tier manufacturer capable of meeting diverse and specific project needs. Major hotel chains choose ODF for its adaptability and ability to design tailored solutions for renovation projects, specific layouts, or the supply of products in industrial quantities. ODF excels in customizing its products to meet the unique requirements of each establishment. This adaptability reflects ODF's operational flexibility and its ability to evolve with industry trends and standards. The partnership between ODF and major hotel chains is built on the pillars of professionalism, adaptability, and the ability to realize projects of any scale. 

These partnerships illustrate ODF's ongoing commitment to raising the standards of bathroom design in the hotel industry, positioning the company as a trusted partner.

International Presence: French Bathroom Elegance

ODF extends its reputation abroad as an ambassador of elegance and quality in bathroom equipment. ODF's robust export activity demonstrates its commitment to excellence and the desire to share French know-how. ODF's products, imbued with "Made in France" quality, make their mark in demanding international markets in Europe and around the world. Backlit mirrors, vanity units, towel warmers, towel holders, and other bathroom accessories find their place in exceptional projects of luxury hotels and upscale residences, strengthening ODF's presence on the European stage. This commercial dynamism allows ODF to forge strong partnerships with distributors and professionals in the design industry on a European scale. French elegance is now part of international projects, consolidating ODF's reputation as the preferred choice for those seeking a distinctive French touch in their living and hospitality spaces.

As you've understood, ODF is here to share its experience and bring your projects to life, wherever you are, with high-quality products that have already won the hearts of thousands of hoteliers.

Our Hotel Clients: Our Prestigious Partners

After 40 years of partnership, we want to express our gratitude to our hotel clients in France and around the world. Your unwavering trust in the quality of our products and our commitment to excellence drives our business. It is thanks to your bold vision and constant pursuit of innovation that we collaborate on exceptional projects. Your valuable feedback is a constant source of inspiration, pushing us to continuously raise our standards to meet your high expectations. Whether in Paris, London, Berlin, each project with our hotel clients is a unique adventure. Your establishments are true ambassadors of elegance and refinement, and we are proud to contribute in our own way with our bathroom equipment. We are committed to continuing to provide you with exceptional products and cultivating our collaboration for years to come. Thank you for being part of the ODF adventure. Together, we will continue to create bathrooms that inspire and enchant. 

And for that, we thank you!


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