Accessibility is a fundamental right for all individuals, regardless of age, gender, ethnic background, or physical condition. That's why it's crucial to have suitable sanitary equipment for Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRM).

PRM sanitary equipment is designed to ease access to toilets, showers, sinks, and all daily hygiene facilities for individuals with reduced mobility, including those in wheelchairs or with mobility difficulties. These equipment options provide greater autonomy and an improved quality of life for those affected.

PRM equipment aims to make everyday hygiene routines accessible to everyone, with the primary goal of maximizing the independence of individuals with disabilities.

Basic PRM Bathroom Equipment:

Grab Bars

The primary PRM sanitary equipment is grab bars. These bars can be strategically placed in the bathroom to enhance stability and balance during movements.

Shower Glass Grab Bar

These bars can be installed in the shower to prevent slips on the slippery floor or to assist individuals in sitting down and getting up from the shower seat.

Handicap Toilet Grab Bar

They serve a similar purpose for toilets, helping individuals with reduced mobility sit down or stand up from the toilet bowl. They also provide wheelchair users with support to transfer autonomously from the wheelchair to the toilet. Toilet grab bars should be curved and angled at 135 degrees to offer dual holding positions, making it easier for users to sit down and stand up.

PRM Shower Seat

PRM showers are essential for individuals with reduced mobility. They are designed to enable easy wheelchair access to the shower. PRM showers feature foldable shower seats, support bars, and a handheld showerhead for independent use. The step between the inside of the shower cabin and the bathroom tiles should not exceed 2cm to facilitate entry for wheelchair users. Additionally, the shower should be spacious enough to allow people with disabilities to move around and access seating facilities. This requires providing maneuvering space with the possibility of a half-turn (diameter 1.50m) and lateral usage space measuring 0.80 x 1.30m inside or near the shower, depending on whether it's a new or existing public building.

Standard PRM Sink

PRM sinks are crucial equipment for individuals with reduced mobility. They are designed to be installed at a comfortable height for wheelchair users and equipped with easily accessible lever taps. A PRM sink ensures optimized space for a wheelchair to fit underneath, facilitating access to the sink area.

PRM Faucet

PRM faucets come with specially designed levers for easy operation. These faucets are made more accessible with handles that allow wheelchair users to reach the controls without difficulty.

Tilting PRM Mirror

A tilting mirror is also a solution to enable individuals in wheelchairs to use this equipment without difficulty. It significantly enhances user comfort, and everyone deserves adapted sanitary equipment.

Purpose of PRM Equipment:

The use of PRM sanitary equipment is not only essential for people with disabilities but also simplifies daily life for the elderly, pregnant women, or temporarily injured individuals who may lack their former flexibility and strength. Accessibility is vital for all individuals as it guarantees equal opportunities, autonomy, and human dignity.

PRM sanitary equipment also benefits public institutions such as hospitals, long-term care centers, schools, and government offices. Installing these facilities allows institutions to meet the requirements of universal accessibility, ensuring easy and comfortable access for all users.

Furthermore, the installation of PRM sanitary equipment is often legally mandated. For example, in France, the law of February 11, 2005, requires public institutions to implement PRM sanitary equipment.

PRM Standards (Persons with Reduced Mobility):

Strict rules govern the installation of PRM equipment in a bathroom (SDB). Here are some important reminders of these rules:

  • Bathroom Access: It must be wide enough to allow a wheelchair to pass through (a minimum of 80 cm for existing public buildings and a minimum of 90 cm for new public buildings).

  • Bathroom Door: It should open outward to facilitate emergency access. A pull bar is also recommended to assist with door opening and closing. It should be located at a height of 0.90 m from the floor and measured between 40 and 50 cm in length if possible.

  • Bathroom Floor: It must be slip-resistant to prevent falls.

  • Height of Equipment: Equipment (soap dispensers, hand dryers, etc.) must be installed at a height ranging from 0.45 m to 1.30 m from the floor to be accessible to wheelchair users.

  • Sink: It must be suspended and located at a maximum height of 0.85 m, leaving a clear space of at least 0.70 m below the equipment. The space between the siphon and the edge of the sink should be between 0.30 m and 0.60 m to avoid obstructing users.
  • Toilet: It must be raised (height between 0.45 m and 0.50 m) to facilitate the transition from the wheelchair to the toilet.

  • Shower: It should be at ground level to facilitate access, and the threshold should not exceed 2 cm in height. A foldable shower seat should be installed at a height between 0.45 m and 0.50 m from the floor.

  • Grab Bars: The horizontal part of the support bars should be installed at a height between 0.70 m and 0.80 m to facilitate movement and the transfer of a person in a wheelchair.

These rules are essential to ensure the safety and autonomy of people with reduced mobility in the bathroom. It's crucial to follow them scrupulously when installing PRM equipment.

Conclusion : The installation of PRM sanitary equipment is essential to guarantee universal accessibility and improve the quality of life for people with reduced mobility. These facilities also benefit public institutions, which must meet the requirements of universal accessibility to ensure equal opportunities and human dignity.

ODF, a French Partner for Healthcare Bathroom Equipment:

For many years, we have been developing product collections specifically designed to meet the challenges of accessibility: retractable bars, shower seats, tilting mirrors, grab bars for toilets, showers, and bathtubs.

All this PRM sanitary equipment, manufactured in France, is the result of extensive research to offer products that ensure the safety of everyone.

Choosing ODF products means choosing innovative design and French quality for sanitary equipment adapted to the safety and comfort of people with disabilities.

As a partner to many healthcare facilities, we are a privileged player in healthcare facilities in France. Many nursing homes, clinics, and hospitals trust us for the supply of their PRM sanitary equipment.

We also equip many senior residences that require a combination of aesthetics and safety to cater to an aging but demanding audience in terms of design and high-end comfort.

We invite you to explore our PRM Space to discover our complete range of products dedicated to making sanitary facilities accessible to as many people as possible.


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