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  • Coronavirus

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our activity has to be adapted. In compliance with the government's instructions the virus' propagation is to be held restricted.

Some of our Commercial and Admisitration Agents stay available via Home Office stations.  They will continue the follow up of your projects, can register new orders and arrange expeditions of available products. Please get in contact with our team concerning the delivery dates of your pending orders.   

Our production has been adapted to the actual situation and is continued in compliance with health ans safety instructions  

Our Web Site remains functional:  you can place orders and send price requests. Information and technical data about our products can easily be found.  

Health is the first priority and we do our best to keep the inconveniences coming with this exceptional situation as small as possible. 

Stay safe and keep care of you and your beloved ones ! 

Sincerely yours,

Your ODF Team