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Thermostatic shower column + shelf

MT111 01

Finish : Chrome

Mixing valve type: Thermostatic
System: 2 ways
Inverter: Integrated with faucets
Valve material: Brass
Mechanism: Thermostatic cartridge
Water saving: 50% (ECOstop function)
Thermostatic cold body: Yes (PROtherm technology)
Security 38 ° C: Yes (SECUREstop button)
Cartridge mounting / dismounting system: Yes (EASYsystem maintenance)
Column tube size: 18 x 18mm
Possibility of cutting the column tube: No
Size of the shower head: 300 x 300mm
Shower head material: stainless steel
Adjustable shower head: Yes
Jet type: Rain
Anti-limescale pimples: Yes
Hand shower size: 30 x 70mm
Shower holder: integrated in the tube and adjustable in height
Shower head material: ABS
Jet type: Rain
Anti-limescale pimples: Yes
Hose type: Smooth and antibacterial
Specificity of the hose: Antitorsion
Accessory integrated into the faucet: Shelf
Fixing: 3 points
Connection dimension: G 1/2 '' (15-21mm)
Mounting kit: Included
Flow (L/min) - 3 bar pressure: 12.6 (shower head) - 10.3 (hand shower)
Brass and ABS

Dimensions (mm) : 342 x 571 x 1171


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