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Shower screen 1 swiveling door 77 - 80cm Emeraude

G362 01

Finish : Shiny polished

Shower door is composed of a pivoting door and a wall-mounted hinge section. This type of shower screen is designed to give a maximum opening in limited space.
Standard height of shower screens 190 cm. Their widths vary by 3 cm stages from 67 to 80 cm. An additional 2 cm width can be achieved by compensating profiles.
In case of out of square angles (wall and tub), this can be corrected by the wallprofiles. The installation is very easy.
Rotation profile with cove for vertical waterproof sealing.
Profiles made of aluminium
Tempered glass 6 mm

Dimensions (mm) : 800 x 25 x 1900


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